Here is a list of some of my services:


Now you can order prints of my photographs printed on just about anything,
anywhere in the world.


You can purchase my memes and quotes on prints and clothing at my Teepublic Shop – Words Can Help



I am now able to offer prints and all sorts of items with

Just click on this link and choose what you wish. If there is an image on my site that you like and would like to have printed just let me know and I will upload it there.




Step 1: Choose the photograph(s) you would like to have printed.
Step 2: Choose a printer in your local area or an online printer you would like to work with.
Step 3: Choose the size and format you would like to have your prints done in.
Step 4: Email me your contact information, the contact information for the printer and all your photograph, size and format choices and any other particulars.
Step 5: Complete your purchase of photographs using any credit card or PayPal by clicking here:



I will contact the printer you have chosen on your behalf and work with them directly to ensure the prints come out as you wish. You can pay your printer directly.
My photographs will be provided to the printer in 600 dpi high resolution .jpg files. If you need a different resolution, file type or size just let me know.

Prices for licensing images for commercial use depends upon usage. Just contact me for prices.


Travel, & Tourism Photography

German Village. Nikkor 200mm

Images to attract and excite tourists;
City, Town, Village, Region, Country
Hotel, motel, guest house, pension, tour operators, theme parks
Campground, nature preserves, nature parks, animal parks, home, farm
Wild Nature


Do you, or someone you know, have a business that depends upon foreign tourism?
Nothing is more important than presenting your business, town or attraction in a professional way with the right images and text.
Your success depends on it, your income depends on it and the life of your business depends on it.
This is the second most important investment you will ever make in your business, site, attraction or town.

For instance; hotels, motels, campgrounds, guest houses, tourist destinations, towns and villages, historic sites and nature preserves.

I am a professional photographer with many years of experience in outdoor and travel photography. I also have many years of experience in advising businesses on marketing, copywriting and sales. The combination of the two allow me to help you promote your business and display it in the very best way to attract visitors and customers. I can create a portfolio of photos and videos of your site or business as well as all the text for your website and brochures.

You can see hundreds more of my images here and my business advisory services at

Contact me if you would like a free estimate of the costs involved in promoting your business, site or attraction with the right professional images, video and text. Let’s discuss your needs and vision.


Outdoor Portrait Photography

billy and little boy 4408


Custom Travel Photography

Have your own personal travel photographer take and share those great times for you.

Woman with Balloon Under Autumn Yellow Tree in Riga, Latvia Park


Yacht, Boat, Airplane, Vehicle Photography


Outdoor Activities Photography

Skiing and other sports
Outdoor workshops and team building


Custom Nature Photography

Need a special image for a particular space in your offices or home? I can help you achieve your vision.


Work Site Photography

Dome clock and workers sm 7435-3


Limited Edition or Custom Photographic Art Prints

Any size you need can be prepared for you and provide without or with a frame. Images can be signed and numbered or unsigned.


My prices include a DVD of all original image files as well as re-touched images and a second backup DVD of those images. Post processing of images, organization of images, perpetual license for all images created for you as well as the time for shooting are also included. Travel time and expenses as well as makeup artist and any assistants required are additional. I can also store all your images on my backup system for a small additional fee if you wish.


If you are interested in wedding photography I can recommend a wonderful photographer for that special occasion.

You can contact me directly at I will get back to you quickly. Just let me know generally in what you are interested in.

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